Jonathan-Marks-©FloreZoéHello. I’m Jonathan.

In 2003, I founded a creative guild called Critical Distance. Today, after the COVID pandemic changed everything in 2021, it has grown into a strategic alliance of active strategists, producers and writers working in areas of cutting edge technologies.

We work backstage, coaching tomorrow’s rising stars. That means playing different roles, sometimes leading, often researching, always listening.

Every company is becoming a media company. But audiences only remember the message from great storytellers. Building a powerful narrative is an essential strategy for any team who wants to change the world.

Why take this path?

  • Because we’ve learned that routine is the enemy of change.
  • The only path to growth is by doing things differently.
  • Just doing things a little better or cheaper always goes wrong. Just look around you.

We saw a brilliant opportunity to lead in specific areas of disruptive innovation. So we’re building on those dreams. 

We evolved from “ideas worth spreading” (the old TED mantra) to empowering “ideas worth doing”.

We’ve formed an active guild of digital craftsmen and women.

Reach Me Quickly

If you want to contact Jonathan right now, then click any of the buttons under my bio on the right. Or try the simple web form at the bottom of the page. It is connected to my email address (via a spam filter) so I see your message immediately. We know this system works.

Do feel free to explore the rest of the site.

What are the areas of our expertise?

  • Digital Storytelling – How to build an open narrative to get support and realise the dream. Who can help get the word out? Practical, hands-on advance. 
  • Understanding how Audiences Change –  We’re actively monitoring how audiences everywhere are becoming more engaged. Second screen is becoming the first screen. There are huge opportunities for every company to build a collaborative community. We share examples.
  • Disruptive Digital Marketing. Every company is becoming a media company. But the impact of social media as well as disruptive innovation by small start-ups is often difficult to recognise or change.
  • Understanding where professional platforms like LinkedIn  is going. And how can you integrate Social media into a clever media strategy. We also look at the 10 things never to do.
  • Smart Cities  & The Internet of Things. We’re evaluating how people will build conversations safely as more and more devices connect to the web. 
  • What Smart Media Needs to Do Next. Netflix is disrupting traditional media channels. Production Guilds are upsetting the corporate business models. But paths forward are emerging. 
  • Media in Fragile States. What have we learned from the ways in which media have influenced audiences for good and evil. For policy makers and media practitioners. This is connected to work I have done in International Broadcasting. 

So what’s holding you back?

Let’s build brilliant futures together!