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Jonathan Marks

Jonathan Marks

Hello.  Let me explain how we help.

I lead an international guild of creative, digital media specialists called Critical Distance.

We help build a media strategy for young disruptive teams that are making a big impact in a global society.


Because great ideas need to be heard, shaped, and then acted upon. And there is always a Plan B, C & D.

We’re proud of a 15 year heritage in consultancy. Even prouder of our switch a few years ago to leadership of disruptive teams. Then we offer practical assistance in making dreams happen.

We’re also understand the need to be flexible. You can hire Jonathan individually or ask him to assemble an ace team of specialists to match your needs. We always deliver. Check out dozens of testimonials on LinkedIn.

We always match our team with yours.  

Six ways we can help you

1- Come to one of my “Bootcamp”  retreats.

This is my personal favourite format for working with teams, especially those in a corporate world whose daily routine is constantly interrupted. For between 2-5 days, up to 12 of us work together towards clearly defined goals. I often do these workshops together with colleagues in the guild who have complementary skills. That could be knowledge of the financial world (VC funding), design, or rapid technical prototyping. These hands-on sessions are famous for their take-away’s. We always build something that can be used to bring about new thinking within an organisation.  We usually do extensive intake interviews so that the time spent at the Bootcamp is as effective as possible. These bootcamps have an informal atmosphere, but the goal is serious, effective collaboration.09-DSC07979

2. We organise a Creative Bootcamp inside your company.

We can drive an innovation project inside your organisation, involving selected “intrapreneurs” inside your company or organisation. They are the agent for change, but are blocked for whatever reason.  Our “outside-looking-in”  approach helps break down internal barriers, because we’re not part of the traditional hierarchy. We bring in the latest, most relevant technologies. We’re offer independent advice that is not tied to any particular vendor. We have wide international experience so we offer examples which bring in less resistance. We start off leading the project, quickly identifying rising stars. At the end of the project they are able to carry the leadership forward, at which point I take a coaching role, if appropriate. Some people call them bootcamps, other call them Master Classes or innovation labs. (a secret – it’s all about disrupting change).

3 – Jonathan can coach your team’s innovation project

I have been a guest lecturer and in-house mentor at several media organisations, publishers, international business schools, broadcasters and universities. I know what it takes to manage and execute a project. If the team passes a simple intake challenge, then I will do everything to ensure they succeed. I show skills that help people become independent faster. Teams often simply need guidance rather than constant supervision.

4.-  Online One-Hour Intensive Consultancy Sessions.

Stuck with a particular dilemma? Trying to work out a new direction? Perhaps you need to rethink the role of your department and the best way of bringing about change? How can you break through the internal barriers? Have others already solved this challenge?  We both know that you can’t do this alone. The Critical Distance On-line Consultancy is the answer. Details of this service are on a separate page.

11-DSC001215 – I can inspire your group in a (formal) keynote, or informal workshop setting

I have always enjoyed public speaking. This comes from my heritage in broadcasting. Having produced over 1300 TV and radio programmes so far, I understand what makes a memorable story. But I also believe that the great programmes are made with the audience, not for them. I am actively involved in cross-media production of all kinds.

I aim to give memorable practical keynotes. Which is why I value a pre-talk prep to understand your audience and what your audience is expecting to hear. I also enjoy the more informal setting of workshops or “bootcamps” where we take specific ideas and develop them in a fixed period of time. I am familiar with the challenges of being creative to a deadline.

6 – Looking for a specialist contributor for your Radio, TV or Online show?

Jonathan is also a regular independent commentator on disruptive technology and media strategy. He regularly contributes to programmes in mainstream media (BBC, Wired Magazine, TNW,) as well as specialist forums on consumer technology, digital strategy and resilient societies.  Let Jonathan know if you’re working to a deadline.

In the meantime, we’re currently working to re-launch a new series of the Media Network programme. So may be you can be a guest on our show? Watch this space for details. It has taken longer than we expected, but recent changes in technology have made things a lot easier.

So let’s collaborate. Get in touch. The first half-hour is free. Click any of the buttons under my bio on the right hand side of this page. Or try the simple web form below. It is connected to my email address (via a spam filter) so I see any reactions immediately. We know this system works.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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In Company Creative BootcampsDecember 8, 2014
I am organising another closed in company workshop and innovation clinic. Still a few places left. Ask for details.
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